Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are pretty much an activity that I do not look forward to. Don’t get me wrong. Once I’m in the midst of doing it, whether I was forced to, tricked into doing it, or even coerced, I’m really not too bad off in being creative and having a good time. It’s alright once I’ve begun.

All I’m saying is that getting me to do it isn’t easy because I’d rather allocate my time elsewhere. I’d rather be doing pretty much anything else than actively prepare and begin arts and crafts with whomever.

I will be honest, though. Arts and crafts with buddies and making something that you can actually use? That’s a good time. I’ve recently painted with Bob Ross (that was a hoot). I’ve started my own colored pencil symmetry drawing. And we have even begun making wrist bracelets. It hasn’t been so bad once I’ve gotten into it.

That’s why I think that, for the first time, I’m wanting to do something of my own for me and my partner. I think it would be amazing to gather up a few cheap office and shipping supplies and make something that defines us. And to me, that would be something to do with our plants. Or for our plants.

You see, making a planter or decorating a cute pot that we already have sounds like a blast. And those shipping supplies I told you about would be cheap and easy to obtain (if we don’t already have them), so it’s not like I’m going out of my way or breaking the bank to do any of this. It’s actually the opposite. I’m almost able to do it all for free.

So long as the project makes sense to me, interests me somewhat, and has practical use in our apartment after making it, I’m not that opposed to the idea of sitting down to carry out a nice little session of arts and crafts.

All this sort of stuff takes is a touch of creativity, a will to actually do it, and the time to enjoy it. If you can’t actually get into the moment and try to enjoy it, though, there’s really no point in trying. And trust me, I’ve been to that point before. I’ve obligated whomever it was around me and had the life sucked out of me for an hour during a project I didn’t like. At that point, there’s no real reason to continue on with the arts and crafts.


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